What is this?

This is a call to start discussing what it means to be a human being. We are all free-thinking, loving, learning, questioning human beings that are capable of so many things. Yet, the very way in which we live our lives gets in the way of that. We have been asked to put up barriers to separate us, construct walls to keep us apart and allow fear to justify hate. This must end and it must end now. We must understand that to be a human means so many things and that there is no right or wrong. There just is.

We live our lives in a way that asks us to constantly deal with the problems that we create. All the major problems in our world today come down to this concept: we are constantly trying to fix what we’ve already done. The climate, poverty, racism, human rights violations are some to just name a few and they are problems that we have created. We then install mechanisms to manage these problems, but do not pay enough attention to their root causes, which will be the best way to fix them in the long term.

So what can we do about it?

So many things. But perhaps the most important is to begin to fight for the world where each and every human being respects each other and loves one another. This may seem like a dream, like a romantic vision of the future, but it is also a future we would love to have. So why not start now? Why not take the steps now to bring this world about so that future generations can live free of the need to eliminate the problems created by their very existence.

The vision for the future needs to imagine a world where each and every person:

  • understands their significance in the world and to the other people who live in it. We do not pretend to go so far as to determine the meaning of life, but rather to recognize each and every person as a necessary component to the living organism that is human kind.
  • trusts themselves as human beings and knows that their creativity, thoughts, beliefs, ideologies are just as valid as everyone else’s and for this reason they have no fear of rejection. They know themselves and are so confident in this that things like race, gender, religion, nationality, etc. do not matter and are taken as mere layers of an incredibly complex being that empathizes and understands better than defends and converts.
  • desires to perform each and every one of their actions as if it were a contribution to a global society and not an individual act. Once these levels of trust and understanding are taken into account, a society will emerge where each member has no other goal except to help other members. Since this desire is mutual across all people, there need not be fear for no one will attack you for what you are.

Some may call this a Utopian vision, but this does not mean it is bad. If you set out to do something, do you strive for mediocrity? No! You envision the best and then work towards it. We need to have this vision of the world and then live our lives in an attempt to make it a reality. We will not achieve it in our lifetimes. This is not important. Just because you will not live to see your great-grandchildren, does that mean you love them less?

The world is becoming more and more global and we are getting closer to these levels of understandingtrust and desire that will help make society limit its problems and maximize its potential. Yet, it seems to be difficult to capture how to do this in a meaningful way. So what can we do about it? We are going to use the awesome power of the internet to talk to each other. To think about what we would like to see changed in our world and then begin to act in a way that will make it a reality.

Once we have this clear, we can begin to take the necessary steps to make sure that that future can be obtained. We will come up with solutions both on a large scale, talking about our governments, but it is also important to talk about what we are going to do on a personal scale. After all, if we aren’t ready to change ourselves, how can we expect to change the world?

This movement is not limited to the United States. It is global. People across the world are dissatisfied with governments and the way in which we conduct our lives permits the existence of things like extreme poverty, climate degradation and uneven access to health care. We must eliminate the barriers we have in place that create these problems to start solving them. Check out the Action Plan and join the conversation.

Also, subscribe to the blog so we can stay in touch. Each week with the Voices blog we are going to pose simple questions that will ask us to think a little deeper about our lives. The responses will help us see what others are thinking and will also allow us to realize that we are not alone. Both questions and answers will be contributed by you.

Food for Thought is another feature of this site. It is designed to help share information relating to this movement. We will share success stories of other movements, distribute practical ways we can start fighting for this change, and engage people in an all encompassing social movement that will help bring about meaningful change.

Let’s set our goals high and then figure out what we can do now to make sure we achieve them.