Mission Statement

The Human Revolution is a movement grounded on the belief that humans are naturally good. Love, compassion, and interdependence best describe the true state of the human existence, and as such, the actions of each and every individual, no matter how small, have a tremendous impact, both locally and globally.

However, the confusion brought on by being human blurs this true nature and causes us to doubt ourselves. We confuse what we do for what we are, and this limits our ability to affect positive change.

Therefore, The Human Revolution seeks to clarify this confusion so that we can begin to trust ourselves as positive agents of change and not hopeless victims of circumstance.  By inspiring people to believe in their own good nature, and that of others, we can begin to create socieites based on love, compassion, and interdependence. In essence, only by changing ourselves can we truly change the world.

We’re revolutionizing our understanding of what it means to be human, and in doing so, we’re revolutioning the world we live in. Join us!