Why a human revolution?

Before answering this, let’s hear what Nina Simone has to say:

So why a human revolution? Because we are all humans. We look to politics to solve our problems, but this is far bigger than politics. The biggest question facing us right now is what it means to be a human being. We shouldn’t be defined by our race, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, jobs, money, things or anything else that helps create differences among us. We should be defined as living, learning and loving human beings who simply want to participate in a world that makes sense to them. .

It’s also a human revolution because globalization is a real thing. We can debate its influence, its effects or its importance, but the reality is that it is happening all around us all the time, and it cannot be stopped. So, this means that as time progresses, we are becoming more and more dependent on each other. This means we shouldn’t look to governments or institutions for change, but rather to ourselves as individuals, as fellow humans working together for the betterment of mankind. For too much of human history we have turned our backs on each other. Well, the internet and travel are not letting us do that anymore, so we must learn what it means to be a human in a global world.

Everyone around the world is led to believe that governments inherently serve the people. Why then, do we always feel like our hands are tied when elections come around? Why do we always talk about crooked politicians never getting anything done? If they are representing us, then these attributes must be present among ourselves.  Could it be that government governs but does not represent?

These views may be called radical, but what would you call anyone who was able to change history if not radical?

Some blame education for the world’s problems. The thought is that people aren’t aware and therefore don’t vote or don’t vote for the right things. This is part of it and improving education systems around the idea of true freedom and the maximization of human potential is an essential part of this movement. But we give people too little credit, and a quick look at history will show this. For example, was the vast majority  of those fighting for revolution in 18th century America and France educated? No! Was the vast majority of those fighting for independence in India under Ghandi educated? No! They were simply human beings that looked inside themselves and knew that what was happening to them was wrong. So they organized themselves and stood up against it.

This movement is no different, we just need to get over the fear that we stand alone. Once we do this, there will be no stopping the Human Revolution.