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For us to understand each other, it is important to know that all opinions matter. There is no right or wrong answer, and each individual should feel free to say what’s on their mind. This portion of the blog is where you should feel free to open yourself up to the world around you. It’s okay…we won’t bite.

Living without fear-Kate Powers

Another response from another valued member of our community. Check out what Kate Powers has to say about what it means to be free and why she lives the way that she lives.

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Here’s what Kate has to say:

What does it mean to be free?
To me, freedom is the ability to live without fear. It is to be unrestrained by the chains that so often bind us: unjust laws, social immobility, one’s own negative thoughts. Freedom affords the opportunity to exist exactly as you are, unafraid of the consequences of being yourself. Freedom is knowing that you can express your love openly and speak your mind unabashedly, unfettered by the threat of losing friends, family, or your personal liberty. It is the peace of mind that comes with living on a healthy and well-preserved planet, and the empowerment to fight back against the forces that seek to destroy it. Freedom means shattering every glass ceiling, from the ones we place on ourselves to the ones embedded in the fabric of our society. To be free is to recognize that we are only free when we respect and validate each other’s right to exist, for a threat to the freedom of one is a threat to the freedom of us all. As such, we must continually fight to preserve freedom for ourselves and for our fellow humans, especially for those who are unable to fight for themselves. There will always exist powerful individuals who seek to limit or erase our freedom, so we must not be complacent in freedom’s pursuit. The attainment of freedom is a continual process rather than irrevocable privilege. With freedom comes hope, fulfillment, and empowerment, but also great responsibility, and we must honor this responsibility above all else.

Why do I live the way I live?
I try to live my life based on my personal value set. These values include the attainment of education, giving back to society, experiencing new cultures, caring for animals, and creating and strengthening personal relationships. These values are reflected in everything I do. I am currently pursuing a master’s degree with the goal of obtaining a fulfilling career in non-profit management or the government, where I hope to make a difference in the lives of others. I travel as often as possible, in an effort to visit new lands, meet interesting people, and taste foreign cuisines. I strongly support animal adoption and am a firm believer in the benefits of the animal-human bond, my own pets are an immense source of joy and companionship for me. I prefer to build strong, intimate relationships with a smaller group of people than to have a large group of acquaintances, and I truly cherish my friends, classmates, and family members with whom I am deeply connected and committed to.

I moved away from my hometown when I was 18, in search of experiences that I couldn’t attain in the confines of a small, homogenous community. I’ve spent the last seven years living in Los Angeles, a beautiful, diverse, living, breathing city that I have grown to love and respect. I adore the food, cultures, people, weather, and the geography of my city and I am thankful that I had the courage to leave behind everything I knew and start a new life at a young age. I’ve never regretted my decision and while I miss my family dearly, I know I am exactly where I am supposed to be (at least for now!)

In sum, I try to live my life in accordance to my own personal beliefs and values. I am far from perfect, but I am proud of the person I am and I look forward to many more years of growth and experience in my future. I have been extremely privileged in my life and I don’t fail to recognize that privilege even for a moment. I guess my ultimate goal in life is to use the advantages I’ve been given to make the world a better place for those around me and to fight for a more equitable world for us all.

What’s next?

We’ve had the chance to hear from several people in response to this weeks questions. Next week we will start looking at some new questions as well as start taking a deeper look at how much out actions impact the lives of others. It is easy to lose sight of this in our daily lives so to get The Human Revolution going we are going to start figuring out ways to share our inter-dependency.

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Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose…-Connie Jones

Connie Jones, another member of the world who has been forced to step out of her own skin to adapt to life in different situations, is weighing in on this week’s questions: What does it mean to be free? and Why do I live the way that I live? Two tough questions, but that can be therapeutic to try and answer.

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They will be posted here unedited. Just be yourself, speak your mind and don’t be afraid. Not sure how to answer the question, then maybe let us know what the word “freedom” makes you think of, or how you express it in your daily life, at work, at school, with your friends, with your family. There is not one answer to these questions, but that’s the point.

Here’s what Connie has to say:

To be free is to be many things…

It means to be your own decider: the decider of what I can wear, where I can live, what I can do with my own body, what I can say, and what I can see and read.

It also means to not have a plan: to go where you choose, stay as long as you want, sleep in, come and go as you please, have no time limits.

It means to be in control: of my own actions, of who my friends are, who I can love, what I believe or don’t believe in.

It means to not be denied: Your rights as a human, protection to your family, proper medical attention, your chance to learn, grow, and achieve.

It means to have no one else hold you back: To be creative, to speak out, to eat that second piece of cake, to make mistakes.

Why do I live the way I live?

I don’t really know how to define ‘how I live.’ This is a pretty broad for me. Maybe it’s because I am constantly trying to figure this idea out and I am not always happy with the way I live right now so maybe it’s a sensitive issue.  How I do live and how I want to live are still different things that I haven’t been able to quite bring together.

I have lived in Germany for 2 years now. Something I have learned in this time and continue to learn is that I need to do things that scare me in order to move forward.  I try to live my life this way, but it is not an everyday occurrence, and the high of doing something new/ scary doesn’t always last as long as other times. I have also learned that most of the time, one needs to create the opportunities and not wait for them to come around. But the truth is that where I sometimes take these leaps or close my eyes and jump, I also find myself waiting….

This is many times out of fear; fear of losing precious time, fear of not having money, fear of isolation, fear of failure (there, I said it!).

It comes also out of not always being conscious of what has become status quo. Comfort is…well…comforting and when we get into that nest of comfort it gets harder and harder to come out into the cold and unknown the longer we stay.

There are obvious obstacles when one moves abroad; language, time differences, food, people. These are things that, while they may never be mastered or completely feel like home, are adaptable and after some time become not so foreign. But for me it is always forcing me to change the way I live. I had to consciously make the effort or create opportunities to meet people, practice my language, and see new places that seemed to come easier when I was living in the US. Why do I live the way I live? I’ll probably keep asking some variation of that question to myself until my dying day, but my goal will always be to try and bridge that gap between how I do live and how I want to live.

What is freedom? Why do I live the way I live?–Sarah Michaels

Here’s what Sarah Michaels, a fellow Human Being,  has to say about this week’s questions.

After you read, join the conversation! You can find the first questions here and then send your responses in to: They will be posted here unedited. Just be yourself, speak your mind and don’t be afraid. Not sure how to answer the question, then maybe let us know what the word “freedom” makes you think of, or how you express it in your daily life, at work, at school, with your friends, with your family. There is not one answer to these questions, but that’s the point.

Here’s Sarah:

*Oh to be free. Isn’t that something? To be free means to be whatever you feel at that moment. Feel it and be comfortable and at ease with whatever situation you may be in. Freedom should have no limits, no boundaries, no one to tell you x, y, z because of a, b, c. Freedom is to have choice, preferably choices. As a being, I feel that there is not much that I am afraid of. Fear is a silly thing. But, you bet your ass I am afraid of losing my freedom. But who is the one who can take it away? Can anyone take it away? … Also, should we discuss the difference between freedom and liberty… shewww

*Why do I live the way I live? Because I realize that I do not want what the average human in this society seems to yearn for. I worked for just barely a year at my first “professional” job with my degree. Great job, great people. But was it what I wanted to do for the rest of my life? Hell no. An opportunity arose to travel over seas to live and work and learn, why wouldn’t I seize that? I am living simply, but so wonderfully. To have less is really to have more. I would rather have more knowledge and more in my soul than possessions and a large bank account. We are all human and all so very alike, but most tend to think that we are different from one another. We need to get back to the basics of human(kind). I love being in new situations and learning things that one cannot learn in a classroom. Eventually I want to further my education and obtain a masters degree, but I am happy that I have not pursued that yet because I do not know what I want to study. There is so much to see and learn. I am also hesitant because of the price tag that comes along with a degree (a bit terrible that $ can deter one from gaining an eduction). But maybe school isn’t for me? I am trying to figure that out. Humans and the way we function as a whole are so interesting, most of the time I keep quiet and observe what is going on around me. Society is wild. But being wild is in our nature, eh? Hmmm

…I live the way I live because I feel that is the right thing, for me, to do. I aim to learn as much as I can from the man who drives my moto concho to the doctor sitting next to me on my flight. It is a big world and there is so much to learn. It makes me feel all giddy inside when I think about it, a sense of wonder. That is why I live the way I live.  …Stay with the group or find the answers. Live heavy, travel light. Knowledge is power…

Introduction to Voices

This blog is all about asking questions. Each week or two weeks we will distribute a simple question that asks us to think a little deeper about our lives. This will allow us to begin to see how much we can benefit from communication and how many of us are already fighting for the same thing. This weeks questions are:

  • What does it mean to be free?
  • Why do I live the way I live?

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