To help keep the debate going and to start exploring some of the tough issues that are facing us as humans moving forward, two blogs: Voices and Food for Thought will drive the content of this website.

Food for thought will be a space for essays and blog posts where we can challenge ourselves to think deeply about the world around us. It is a complicated place, but that doesn’t mean we are incapable of analyzing it. We should be questioning every move and trying to determine the motivations for each one of our actions. From there, we can begin to build an action plan for the future.

Voices will responses to a weekly question that needs to be asked to understand what is going on in this world and how we relate to it. Content will come from all over so we can begin to see the different perspective people have on these tough questions, understand these differences and then make steps to consolidate them.

The first questions to be discussed are:

  • Why do I live the way that I live?
  • Am I free?

Content for Voices can be submitted through email at or by simply posting a comment to the blog. Thanks for contributing to this important debate.