Action Plan

The goals of this movement are ambitious. We are talking about bringing down the barriers to true freedom in an attempt to bring people together to build a truly global society that encompasses all people and not a globalized society that occupies the world but excludes almost everyone. To start working for this we need to focus our attention on some key social issues which will help get the attention of governments and to start moving society towards something we can believe in and not something that we feel is destined for destruction. These areas are (and this list needs to be expanded as we spread this movement):

  • Equality in gender, race, nationality, sexual orientation, age, etc. These ideas are often reserved for discussion in fancy universities or small groups, but they affect us each and every day. These concepts separate us and make us think that there are inherent differences in all of us. We know this to not be true, so we must work to rid ourselves from its crushing influence.
  • Honesty in government. Government is supposed to work for us, the people. It does not do this entirely. Instead it allows itself to be tugged in all sorts of directions through the influence of money and special interests and leaves the average person behind wondering what they can do next. We need to get a better understanding of how our government works and then figure out a way to make the top interest that of the people.
  • Responsible consumption. Much, if not all, of our daily lives is centered around consumption. Whether they are needs or wants, we produce a ton because we consume a ton. This not only creates significant problems for the environment, it also raises questions about how we define ourselves as people and generates the circumstances for large inequalities that are then reinforced by perceptions of race, gender, etc. Many of the problems that this generation and any subsequent one will face will have connections to a society based on consumerism. To learn more how this is and what can be done about it now, find the post titled: Why consumption?

These are initial categories that need to be expanded on as we move forward with this movement. All of these things are already being fought for in our society, but the way in which our lives and our political system are organized forces us to choose one over the other. It almost seems as if those fighting for good in this world are fighting others for their type of good. This cannot be. We must realize that we are all fighting for the same thing and work together to achieve it.

This movement, which is largely already underway but just needs to harness its full potential, will unravel in a few phases. The Internet will make this easy to organize, but where past movements have failed is what to do after organization. This is why we must move with caution, include everyone, listen to everyone and then develop a concrete plan. These phases are intended to give some sort of direction as to what should happen over the coming months and years so that when our time comes we can be ready and can take full advantage.

Phase 1: Awareness

We must realize that we are all fighting for the same thing. We are fighting for the right to be a human. This means we must communicate with each other. This blog is a start, but we should each be doing something in our daily lives. Some of these things include:

  • Finding and meeting with local groups already fighting for the social issues that are a main component of this movement. They are already doing great work and are looking for help. If we all join together then our strength in numbers will grow immediately and our voices will be come much stronger. As this movement grows we can use this site to discuss the different groups that we can be joining.
  • Support alternative and traditional candidates. We are so frustrated with the system because when the time comes for us to choose, we are stuck picking between a small group of people that always come from the same ideology. We need to first work to elect local representatives to get our presence in the legislature. Once this happens, we will begin to build credibility and will have a chance at tackling a corrupt system that does not have the people’s interest as its top priority. These candidates need to come from grassroots campaigns that can spring up from small communities and then find their way into the National Government. This is not impossible, this can be done.
  • Taking steps to reduce consumption. It is important that we start eliminating wastefulness in our lives. If we realize we need less, our mind will be freed from always worrying about money and our fears related to this will diminish. There are things we will still need and corporations will maintain control for some time, but if we start taking steps to reduce in our daily lives, we will start taking steps towards freedom.

Phase 2: Bring these changes into action through well-thought-out policies, objectives, laws, etc.

This phase needs to be developed along with Phase 1. Once we join together and have the numbers, we will need representatives in the government to be accountable to our plan, to fight for it, and to share it with people when it is blocked and why it was. For example, we need to know which person or people with what interest are blocking school funding to inner-city schools?  We need people on the inside with a plan for change who are willing to expose those who block it in the name of interests that do not represent those of the people.

Phase 3: Direct this message to the world. Once this message can be adapted in one place, it can be adapted elsewhere. Foreign policy shouldn’t mean billions of dollars spent on weapons and wars. It should mean billions spent on improving agricultural conditions in Sub-Sahara Africa so that everyone there can have enough to eat. It should be about investing full-on in renewable technologies and the infrastructure needed to adapt it to modern life. It should be on sanctioning those who oppress and protecting those who are oppressed. People in the world who are not allowed to be free need to know that they have friends outside of their terrifying situation and that they are not alone. They are being listened to and they are going to be helped.

Through the implementation of these three phases, which will take many years and will be a long fight, we can hope to start creating a society based on the following principles:

  • an education system not designed on preparing a workforce, but rather on developing the arts, the human spirit and the naturally innovative essence of the human being.
  • a government that ensures true freedom. In this world, the government will not be involved in the economy, since there is no need to orchestrate production and consumption. Instead, it will serve to guarantee the freedom we all have as human beings. This government will be the best for it will govern the least. We will govern ourselves through trusting ourselves and through understanding the impact our actions have on each other.
  • an economy used to supply the world’s population with what it needs: food, water, education and health. The economy will not be used to create and grow infinitely, but rather to ensure that ALL humans EVERYWHERE have what they need to be functional, productive human beings

In this sense, we are striving for the same things that were being fought for in the French Revolution of the 18th century: Liberté, égalité, fraternité.

In English:

  • Liberty in education
  • Equality in government
  • Brotherhood in economy

Follow the blog, join a local movement, and let’s get this thing on the road. Join The Human Revolution.