Achieving sustainability depends on more than the innovation and adaptation of transformative technologies. While these certainly play a role, what will ultimately carry us into the realm of a sustainable existence is a better understanding of human nature, as well as an acceptance of the role we as individuals play in shaping the world.

As people, we are imperfect, and our goal should be to celebrate our qualities and learn about our shortcomings. We must reprogram ourselves to appreciate that we live in a world of abundance, not scarcity. And we should surrender ourselves to the whims of Mother Nature, instead of foolishly fighting against them.

The Human Revolution is a space to explore a new (or at least different) understanding of the human existence. It’s aim is to promote sustainable living by addressing the elephant in the room: our natural state of dissatisfaction. We are hardwired to never feel like we have enough, yet this is nothing more than an illusion.

By celebrating the successes of others working hard on issues of sustainability, and by sharing stories about the omnipresent yet oft-ignored beauty that defines our current moment in time and space, we hope to demonstrate how a better world is well within our reach.

This is a peaceful revolution, and it’s one that takes place largely within. But if we combine our efforts and work as one, little by little we can make the world a better place.