Hiding in plain sight: the consequences of our modern lives

We live in a very odd period of human history. We call it the “modern age.” Modern as defined by Merrian Webster refers to something “of or relating to the present time or the recent past: happening, existing, or developing at a time near the present time” A perfectly absurd definition for a perfectly absurd time in history. By this definition, the Stone Age was once the Modern Age, as was the Jurassic Age, the Bronze Age, the pre-Industrial age and whatever other age you want to think of.

These ages, once they stopped being referred to as the Modern Age, received their name based on how we, looking retrospectively, defined them. Human nature was transitioned radically through the use of bronze, hence the Bronze Age. So I wonder, how will today’s modern age come to be defined by future generations? I think I have an answer: the Domination Age.

I am aware of the conspiracy theory nature of this statement, but let me explain to you how your very immediacy to dismiss it as hogwash is the exact reason why this period in time has earned this definition.

Let me start by explaining that we are not free. What is freedom? To me, it should be to do whatever we we want whenever we want. It means to be able to explore ourselves and understand ourselves as human beings without limits and without prescribed definitions of identity. Critics of this idea will say that we must limit ourselves so that we do not do harm to ourselves. This is ludicrous. A human being is not naturally evil, it only lashes out with violence when it is deprived of what it needs, which has been a common thread in our societies since we started forming them thousands of years ago. The idea that humans are evil, that we need to be governed is nothing more than a theory tossed around by the likes of Thomas Hobbes hundreds years ago to try and explain the nature of a world that seemed so prepared to kill itself. If we all have what we need, we don’t fight. The problem is we do not believe we have what we need. Somewhere along the line, our range of human needs became infinite, and since they can never be met, we can never be equal and we will always fight.

How is this system of constant domination and infinite want maintained? I give you one word: FREEDOM. This word has been transformed from something so pure, so human and so natural to something so limited. True freedom goes against what we have today. Today we bicker over tax rates, job opportunities, rents, mortgages, abortion, immigration, voting…the list is endless, but if we were truly free, none of this would be a problem. Instead freedom has been warped, and it has been warped in the most maniacal way. Those that rule the world in the name of power and profits do so because the system they have created benefits them most. Those it marginalizes have no faith in it and do not participate. But what have they done with the middle? Oh this is where it gets good. They have given the middle just enough to think the system is helping us, they have given us just enough so that we believe working within it is the way to fix it, just enough to stay content. But, at the same time, we are not free. I cannot just not pay my taxes, I cannot just not have money, I cannot just be. You may be reading this and thinking I am extreme, that I am radical, but I know deep down you have had these thoughts, that these ideas are not new to you. I know because you are a human being and so am I.

When you stop to think about what it is we actually do in our lives, what it is that we actually live for, it all becomes so obvious. It’s all right there in front of us. In fact, they mock us with it. Governments publish reports about what they do, they hold public hearings, they operate in plain sight. But this is the genius of it. By doing this, we assume all is well. We don’t question and therefore everything stays the same.

Much talk is thrown around about bringing about change in this world. This world is always the same, what changes is the people inside of it. And if we are all conditioned to be the same, then when will change ever come? It’s time to wake up and realize we are the controllers of our own destiny, we own ourselves and our future. If we do not, the Modern Age will never be known as the Domination Age, because it will never close, allowing dwellers of future ages to name it.


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